Our company was founded in 2007 with one of the latest fleet of vehicles and the comfort and safety to welcome you in your private and professional journeys.

Automatically reserving by phone, email, or online through our system the nearest vehicle will be sent as soon as possible.

We are operating 24/24 and 7/7 for 365 days a year

Our cars have wi-fi and our drivers speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Taximaia.lu, Ownership by Luxembourg Mobility Services Sàrl,


17, Rue Aloyse Kayser L-3852 SCHIFFLANGE

Postal Address: BP 13 - L-3801 SCHIFFLANGE

Phone : 00352 691 878 340 24h/7d


Office : 00352 2899-6050 - 00352 28998-111

Fax : 00352 28998-111-20

Company Registration Number : B221642                VAT Number : LU30046388

taximaianuno@gmail.com / luxembourgmobilityservices@gmail.com